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Our Process

At Tahi Solar, we like to make the process of installing solar panels as simple as possible. This starts with a thorough site inspection, which ensures a smooth install with no surprises or hidden costs. Where access isn't safe or practical for a site inspection we use a drone to take pictures and videos of the roof. 


We then take care of organising compliance inspections, necessary energy meter upgrades and scaffolding (if required.) Then we get to work! Installing high-quality solar panels, batteries and systems, all custom to fit the needs and requirements of your property. From set up to pack down you're in safe hands.

As part of the Tahi promise, you  can expect open and prompt communication from us along the way and our experienced team are always happy to answer any questions you might have about your install.

Our communication stays open post-install, with a one year workmanship warranty and fully backed warranties on all our industry-leading products. 

The Tahi Promise


✓ Same day response


✓ We do what we say we’ll do 


✓ We leave our sites clean and tidy

Get a Free Solar Analysis & Quote

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What material is your roof?
Would you like backup power supply during a power cut?
Are there any obstructions that shade your roof (e.g. trees, satellite dish etc)
What time of day are you using the most energy?

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